The Best Essential Oils For Depression

Learn how to treat depression with essential oils. Depression is the number one mental health problem in America and we can stop it now!
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How To Treat Depression With Essential Oils

We’ve all heard how stress can cause high blood pressure.  And anger can cause ulcers.  But what about depression or anxiety?  Can it cause illness?  Is there any way to help it? Just watch TV long enough, and you’ll see a commercial touting the benefits of a medication targeting depression.  The pharmaceutical companies are aware of the growing numbers of mental illness in America, and have begun to churn out many medications aimed at the relief of mental problems.

But the number of depressed people in the USA continues to grow. As of today, there are 18.29% of Americans who struggle with mental health problems.  That’s 43.7 million people, of which 40 million are clinically depressed.  Needless to say, depression is the number one mental health problem in America. It’s time to learn how to treat depression with essential oils, naturally and efficiently.

According to Mental Health America’s website, the state with the least amount of mental illness is Florida, with only 16.03% of their population suffering.  And, if you’re living in Oregon, you might want to move.  Your state is ranked as the highest among all the states of our nation with a whopping 22.66%.

If this was a pie graph, and the state of Oregon was cut into four pieces, the amount of the population that suffered mental health issues would be almost one entire pie slice.  That’s a lot of pain for one state if you ask me.

So what are we supposed to do about it? Is there a natural health remedy for your mental battles?  You bet your there is!

As most of the readers of my blog may know, I love Naturopathy and anything natural.  Not sure what Naturopathy is?  Go read about it at my blog post titled, “What is Naturopathy”. At the heart of Traditional Naturopathy is a motto I like to live by, “You can’t separate the physical body from the spiritual body”.

Basically what this means is whatever your heart and mind feels in the realm of emotions, the body will feel in the realm of the physical. Therefore, if you have depression, more than likely you will have a physical ailment.

Did the depression cause the ailment?  Or the ailment the depression?  It’s the classic “chicken or the egg” scenario.

Thankfully, we can find remedies to our spiritual issues in the Created World around us.  So let’s discover the methods in which we can alleviate depression using essential oils.

How To Treat Depression With Essential Oils

Out of all the essential oils known to man, there are two which are considered to be the most powerful and are extremely effective in treating mental disorders.  They are Melissa and Lavender oils.  These two oils contain components with extraordinarily strong sedative effects.

Oddly, these essential oils are only needed in small doses to work efficiently, but lose their potency in larger doses.  For example, a person who weighs 155 lbs (70 kg), should only use 2-5 drops (70 mg).  If you were to increase the dose, the effectiveness decreases.

Other oils which help with depression are Frankincense, Creeping Hyssop, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Mandarin Petitgrain (oils from the leaves of mandarin trees), Roman Chamomile, Spikenard, Clary Sage and Lemon Verbena.

I know you’re hankering for a great essential oil recipe to help you become the relaxed, calm, perfectly chilled out person you can admire in the mirror.  So here you go:

Essential oils for stress and anxiety

  • Mandarin – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Mandarin Pettigrain – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Lemon Verbena – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Mix oils in glass container.
  • Rub 1 or 2 drops of this mixture on the temples and above the solar plexus.
  • This mixture can be used as often as needed.
  • Not to be taken internally.

Essential oils for extreme stress

  • Roman Chamomile – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Clary sage – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Mandarin Petitgrain – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Spikenard – one fifth teaspoon or 20 drops (1 ml)
  • Hazelnut Oil – two teaspoons (10 ml)
  • Mix in glass container.
  • Apply mixture to the wrists, elbows, temples, and above the solar plexus.
  • One application should be enough, but repeated use is not harmful.
  • Not to be taken internally.

Although mental illness is a troublesome ailment, and you might feel as if you’re never going to win, never give up!  Add one of the essential oil recipes to your health regimen, and never give up hope!  You will overcome!

Bio: Carrie Brown, ND, MH is a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist on a mission to help her fellow man.  Or woman.  And she’s no stranger to the suffering of chronic disease.

After a decade of searching for a diagnosis for her three sons’ rare neuromuscular symptoms, they finally had their answer.  They have the extremely rare  Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy Type 6.  Determined to help her children as much as possible naturally, she began her journey of natural health education.  Armed with a mountain of empathy for those who suffer from any disease, Carrie hopes she can help anyone who needs it.  So go check out her website at, and find the help you need!  You can also find Carrie on her Facebook Page: Powerful Health with Carrie Brown, ND

Learn how to alleviate depression symptoms with these two essential oils