8 Powerful Chamomile Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

From soothing skin to moisturizing hair, assisting digestion and relieving anxiety, chamomile essential oil is known as one of the most versatile options - find out why!
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Chamomile is popular in its tea form as it helps relax the body and relieve insomnia but did you know that chamomile oil has several health benefits, too? The oil is extracted from the flowers of the Roman chamomile and German chamomile varieties. The plants grow mostly in Europe’s northwestern parts and the northern area of Ireland.

Here are some of the top benefits of chamomile oil for your overall health:

Chamomile Oil Health Benefits

1. Naturally moisturizes skin and hair

Keep your skin hydrated, with a smooth complexion using chamomile oil. It helps treat blemishes and discolorations. Your hair will also benefit from the hydrating power of chamomile oil. It becomes softer and healthier, making it less prone to damage.

2. Aids in healing some skin conditions

Some of the skin conditions that chamomile oil can assist in treating are acne and rashes. It’s best to mix the oil with a carrier oil, however, especially if you have delicate skin. The oil naturally soothes redness and swelling while promoting the repair and recovery of your skin.

3. Protects the hair from dandruff

Because chamomile oil is moisturizing, it prevents the scalp from drying. A dry scalp is more prone to irritation which leads to flaking and dandruff. This oil is also an antiseptic, so it effectively kills bacteria to avoid infections.

4. Helps regulate blood pressure levels

When ingested in a small amount, chamomile oil can relax the blood vessels in the heart. This is thanks to its flavonoids, which also supports the control of blood pressure levels, leading to a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular conditions.

5. Alleviates aches and pains

Massage chamomile oil on different parts of your body to get rid of body aches and muscle pain. For arthritis, rubbing oil on swollen body parts will help reduce its swelling and inflammation. Chamomile oil is also excellent for headaches, back pain and menstrual-related cramps.

6. Gentle on skin and can be safely applied on children

The gentleness of chamomile oil makes it ideal as well for topical application on children. It does not easily irritate skin, but it’s still best to combine a few drops of this oil with a carrier oil such as baby oil when using it to give your child a relaxing massage.

7. Facilitates smoother digestion

Aside from rubbing chamomile oil on the stomach to remove gas and calm muscle spasms, a few drops of Roman chamomile oil may also be taken orally. Chamomile oil is not only anti-spasmodic, it’s also antibacterial to eliminate germs in the digestive system. This means it’s a great natural option for bloating, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion.

8. Has antidepressant properties

Since chamomile oil has great value as a relaxant and for aromatherapy, it is often used in massage. Its ability to boost mood is why it’s highly recommended for lessening anxiety symptoms and fighting depression. You can further increase its efficacy by using it together with other relaxing oils like lavender.