5 Ways To Introduce Your Man To Essential Oils

Got a stubborn man your life, who thinks essential oils are just for girls? These essential oils for men could help you change his mind ;)
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essential oils for men

If you are an essential oil user, chances are you’d love everyone in your household to share your love of oils, including the man in your life. If you have a hard time making your case, you might need to find some sneaky ways to introduce the oils to him. Here are a few ideas that will definitely help.

1. Shaving Soap With Essential Oils For Men

One of the easiest ways to introduce him to essential oils is to gift him a shaving soap made with essential oils. If you are the adventurous kind, you might want to make this soap yourself: there are a lot of recipes on Pinterest.

But if you’d rather buy an already made soap, there are lots of artisan soap makers on both Etsy and Amazon.

This sandalwood shaving soap from Etsy would be a real treat for your man 😉

sandalwood shaving soap

Or, you can get one of the soaps made by BebeLush from Amazon; they have 3 heavenly scents:

bebelush shave soaps

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2. Pain Relieving Cream For Men

After working hard all day at work, or after an intense workout at the gym,  give him a surprise back massage with a pain relieving cream made with essential oils. Who would refuse such an act of kindness, right? He’ll quickly realize the power of essential oils use.

Here’s a good massage oil recipe that he’ll love, both the muscle soothing effect and the smell:

  • 20 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Copaiba Essential Oil
  • 12 drops Juniper Berry Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 oz carrier oil of your choice

Apply a small amount of this oil in your hand and massage the areas most tense.

You can also make him one of these muscle tension inhalers to have with him all day long.

3. Healing Salve For Rough Hands

Most men I know do some kind of outdoors work. And that can be quite taking on his hands. If he complains of painful, rough skin, have s healing salve ready for him. I searched Etsy and found some that look fabulous! Take a look here.

manly hand lotion

4. Essential Oils For a Good Night Sleep

Another easy way to introduce your man to essential oils is to help him sleep better. Diffuse some lavender and cedarwood in the bedroom for 30 minutes before bedtime. Or, give him a foot massage with a mixture of relaxing oils, such as chamomile, Valerian, lavender, cedarwood, frankincense or any combination of these oils. This foot massage will do double duty: relax him, and convince him to give essential oils a chance.

5. Body Powder For Hot Days

Hot days aren’t fun for anyone, and men aren’t an exception. Make a body dusting powder and add some manly scented essential oils. He can use this powder to keep his feet and underarms dry all day long, while enjoying a nice scent to remind him of the giver: you!

If he’s convinced essential oils are just pretty smelling things for girlie girls, you now have some ammunition to convince him otherwise. I’d love to hear your experiences with these ideas. And if you have other ways you introduced your man to oils, please share with us here.

5 Ways To Introduce Your Man To Essential Oils