Dandelion Tea Health Benefits

Don't write off dandelions! The many dandelion tea health benefits may change your opinion of this invasive little flower.
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Dandelion Tea Health Benefits

The dandelion is an invasive species that seems to grow no matter what you do. For this reason, many people work hard to rid their yards of this pesky little flower but that might not be such a good idea. Once you discover the many dandelion tea health benefits that you could receive from this flower, you may have a new fondness for this invasive species.

The leaf and the root of the flower are used to make an herbal tea and it’s very easy to do. Here are some of the benefits you may receive from sipping on a cup of tea made from dandelions.

Dandelion Tea Health Benefits

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Dandelion tea benefits for liver

The root of the dandelion may enhance liver function becasue of its ability to increase the flow of bile. As result, a tea made from the root has the potential to promote a healthy liver.

More studies are needed to determine the actual benefits it has on this organ. However, it is believed that this root can detoxify the liver to keep it functioning properly and to ease symptoms associated with liver disease.

Dandelion tea for skin

Dandelions may promote healthy skin and strong bones – drinking a cup of tea made from dandelions can help promote healthy skin and reduce the signs of aging. This is due to the vitamin A found in these flowers. The calcium in this tea can help strengthen your teeth and bones. It also helps improve hormone secretion, muscle contraction and blood clotting.

This flower is rich in vitamin K, which helps protect and strengthen bones. It also promotes a healthy metabolism, blood clotting and it supports healthy brain function. It may also help slow down bleeding for women who have heavy menstrual cycles.

Use dandelion tea to fight cancer

Since vitamin K is known for helping reduce stomach, colon, prostate and other types of cancer, drinking this tea may also help reduce your risks for cancer. You can learn more about using dandelions to treat or prevent cancer at The Truth about Cancer.

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Use dandelion tea for digestion

Treat digestive problems with dandelion tea – In the digestive system, dandelion has the ability to help the body maintain the right amount of bile flow to promote better digestion. It is used to help relieve constipation, indigestion, heartburn and it may help the body absorb the vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat. It also helps to reduce inflammation that interferes with good digestion.

Dandelion herbal tea is high in fiber, which helps to improve your intestinal health by improving digestion. Being high in fiber also lowers your risk of developing kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and excessive weight gain.

Dandelion tea benefits for weight loss

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The dandelion tea acts as a diuretic to help you lose weight –  Many people are looking for a natural way to lose weight and dandelions may be the answer to their problem. It acts as a diuretic, which means it increases urination to eliminate water gain. This also helps the body to flush out toxins, prevent urinary tract infections and it helps to prevent kidney and liver problems.

Dandelion tea for diabetes

The tea made from dandelions helps stimulate the pancreas to increase the production of insulin. This helps to keep your blood sugar levels down naturally, which helps to prevent diabetes. It may also help to remove the sugar the body stores by acting as a diuretic.

As you can see, this invasive little flower has many health benefits that may help to improve your health. It also makes a great tasting tea that you’re sure to love, especially if you mix it up with other herbal teas, such as peppermint or fennel and add a bit of sweetener: I love sweetening my teas with organic honey, (which has some great benefits of its own), but stevia powder is good too!

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This spring, save up a few dandelions to make some tea. There are a LOT of health benefits from drinking dandelion tea: from detoxing, to better skin, better digestion and even losing weight. Worth a try, don't you think?