How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Warts

Did you know you can use tea tree oil for warts? This is an easy and painless method of removing even the most stubborn warts. 
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Learn how to use tea tree oil for warts

Warts are those unsightly tiny little bumps that grow almost anywhere, but are most commonly seen developing between the fingers, on your feet, and on the face. Though normally not painful, warts can be very annoying as they can grow in places that can easily catch the attention. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 20 million American are carriers of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the virus responsible for warts.
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While warts will often go away without any help, in many cases nothing seems to get rid of them. If you think your stubborn warts need surgical removal, but if you want to manage warts without surgery, essential oils can do a great job. There are several essential oils that can be a real boon to wart sufferers, and one of them is tea tree essential oil.

According to several studies, tea tree oil is effective against warts due to its natural antiviral and immune boosting properties. In addition, tea tree oil also helps in taming an overactive immune system. In a study by the Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, the water-soluble terpinen-4-ol component of tea tree oil was found to suppress the production of pro- inflammatory mediators in human monocytes, a type of white blood cell that is part of the human immune system.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Warts

To use tea tree oil for wart removal, follow the steps below.

You will need:

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  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your hands and the area around the wart.
  2. Apply one drop of therapeutic grade, undiluted tea tree essential oil to the wart.
  3. Put a bandage over the wart and its surrounding area.
  4. Leave the bandage at least eight hours or overnight.
  5. Remove the bandage and gently wash the affected area.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 every day until warts fall off, about 1-4 weeks.

Treating Children’s Warts

Children under 12 years old have sensitive skin and are prone to irritations, so it is important to dilute the tea tree essential oil before use. For children and those with sensitive skin follow the following method: mix 10 drops of tea tree oil to 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar in a clean bottle, and shake well. Using a cotton ball, apply twice a day to the wart, carefully avoiding the surrounding area. Cover with a band-aid.

Essential Oil Blend For Wart Removal

While tea tree oil works in most cases, if you find it’s not working fast enough for you, try this other blend and see if it serves you better.

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How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Remove Warts - you don't need to use those toxic over the counter treatments to get rid of your warts. Tea tree oil will remove them naturally.

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