7 Amazing Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Learn about the Clary sage essential oil benefits and see how a few drops of clary sage oil could help support hormonal balance.
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clary sage essential oil benefits

Some users have described the aroma of clary sage (salvia sclarea) essential oil as having a sweet, nutty fragrance. However, others compare it the smell of tobacco and still others say it has a floral scent. It’s best known for its ability to brighten and clear the eyes. In fact, many people use it because they believe it can improve vision and possibly even prevent vision loss due to aging. However, that’s not the only clary sage essential oil benefits you can take advantage of. Below are a few more.

Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits

Use Clary Sage for Personal Hygiene

Clary sage has the ability to tone and protect the skin from premature aging. The antioxidant property works to tighten the skin and prevent sagging. This oil also helps to regulate the production of oil your body produces so you can use it to treat acne or to heal dry skin. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it a good choice when treating dermatitis.

It has properties that can strengthen hair follicles so many people use it to help prevent hair loss. It may also stimulate hair growth, prevent dandruff and you’ll find it in many homemade deodorant recipes. The astringent property in clary sage may also strengthen your gums, which will prevent or reduce your risk of losing your teeth prematurely.

Clary Sage for Lowering Blood Pressure

Using this essential oil may help lower your blood pressure, which in turn can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. It works by relaxing the arteries and the veins so the blood can flow easier, which increases circulation. As a result, your organs and muscles function better because they receive more oxygen.

Roll-on recipe with clary sage for high blood pressure

Apply this blend a few times a day to your vital points and around your heart.

Clary Sage Aids the Digestive System and Protects the Stomach

Clary sage oil has the ability to regulate the secretions of juices and bile, promote digestion and help the body absorb nutrients from the digested foods. It may also regulate bowel movements, heal stomach ulcers and some people use it to relieve cramping, bloating, gas and indigestion. It can also ease stomach aches and help reduce problems with the respiratory system, including spasmodic coughs.

Clary Sage Improves Your Emotional State

Clary sage has euphoric effects that make some people experience feelings of happiness, confidence and a desire to make the most out of life. For this reason, it may help people recover from drug additions. You can read more about how essential oils can help people in recovery at alcoholrehab.com. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, just diffuse a little clary sage to help calm your nerves and improve your mood.

Clary Sage Oil Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Are you searching for a natural way to give your libido a boost? Clary sage may be exactly what you need. This oil acts as an aphrodisiac and it might even help improve your performance by boosting your testosterone levels. It may work wonders for you without all the nasty side effects traditional treatments for these problems often have.

Clary Sage to Address Uterine Problems

Use clary sage to help regulate estrogen and other hormones that can cause many of the uterine problems women face after menopause such as bleeding and tumors. By regulating hormones, it may also help women keep their menstrual cycle regulated and treat symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, cramping and food cravings.

General Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

You can use clary sage to clean and disinfect wounds to prevent infections and to promote healing. It has painkiller agents that can help ease headaches, muscle and joint pain or stiffness and back pain. It also has the ability to reduce convulsions caused by nervous disorders and to treat muscle spasms and cramps.

Side Effects and Precautions

Clary safe is safe for most people but as with any essential oil, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to it. Always dilute it before using topically and do a patch test to make sure it’s safe to use. Overusing this essential oil can cause headaches or drowsiness and it may increase the effects of alcohol and similar narcotics since it is a relaxant.

Avoid getting the oil in your eyes and it’s not suitable for young children. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or if you have low blood pressure because it does have hypotensive effects. As always, consult with your doctor before using this oil if you’re taking medication to prevent drug interactions.

Where to Buy Clary Sage Oil

If you’re wondering “where can I buy Clary sage oil”, I have a few suggestions for you. My first go to place if I’m in a hurry is to check Amazon. They have essential oils from many companies and I love that I can read reviews from people who already used a specific oil. I found Clary Sage Oil from Plant Guru with the most positive reviews: over 600 of them.

Here’s just a small excerpt from one of the many reviews:

There is something about this oil that puts Calgon to shame. I was way more relaxed than a normal bath and was not able to repeat it with other mainstream aromas or soaks. It may be one of the more expensive essential oils out there but it’s much cheaper than a spa visit and well worth it in my opinion.

Try Clary sage oil and see for yourself how it may help improve your overall health.
All You Need To Know About Clary Sage Essential Oil