How To Use Peppermint Oil For Headaches

Learn how to use peppermint oil for headaches. Peppermint essential oil works great on easing the symptoms and treating the cause of the pain. Try it today!
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Does peppermint oil relieve headaches? You’ll be surprised how many benefits this oil has, including the ability to relieve headache pain. Using peppermint oil for headaches offers a natural and very effective way to ease pain associated with all types of headaches. The oil is extracted from the flowering parts of the peppermint plant through the process of steam distillation. It’s very powerful so a couple of drops will go a long way.

Peppermint essential oil is not recommended for use on children. If you’ve never used it before, it’s a good idea to test the oil for allergies before using. It may cause irritation or an allergic reaction on some adults, especially if you have sensitive skin. Be aware of its strength before you begin using this oil to treat headaches or any other health problem.

How Peppermint Essential Oil Works

Learn how to use peppermint oil for headaches


Peppermint plants contain the organic compound known as menthol. This compound has anesthetic properties, which creates a natural cooling sensation. This cool feeling eases the pain and discomfort headaches cause. Peppermint oil also acts as a decongestant, has respiratory benefits and improves circulation, all of which helps to ease headache pain.

Peppermint oil is great for migraine headaches because it can reduce your sensitivity to noise and light. It can even help settle that sick feeling in your stomach and control vomiting that often goes along with migraines. In addition to easing the pain you feel, peppermint oil can actually help cure many headaches by eliminating the cause of the pain.

For example, the anti-inflammatory properties help to eliminate mucus and clear congestion that causes sinus headaches and the antibacterial and antiviral properties help to clear up infection. Using a diffuser is a great way to take advantage of these benefits. Add 3-6 drops of peppermint oil to your diffuser and turn it on for 30 minutes.

How to Use Peppermint Oil For Headaches

To use peppermint oil for headaches, you can inhale from the bottle, diffuse in your diffuser, or apply on your skin, diluted with a carrier oil.

To relieve the pressure that causes sinus headaches, dilute peppermint oil with your favorite carrier oil (grape seed, jojoba or almond oils are some of the more popular) and apply topically, always careful to stay away from your eyes and other sensitive areas.

Here’s my favorite blend for headache: in a 10 ml roller bottle, add the following:

  • 10 drops peppermint oil
  • 7 drops lavender oil
  • 5 drops lemongrass oil
  • top off with FCO

Apply on your temples, at the back of your head, over sinus cavities, and/or the bottom of your feet. Peppermint is a hot oil and will hurt and cause damage if applied is certain areas. Always keep away from your eyes and from sensitive areas of your body!

Other Peppermint Oil Benefits

Peppermint is excellent for headaches but it also offers many other benefits, some of which you can enjoy while treating your headache. In fact, its many health benefits and versatility are what makes peppermint one of the most popular essential oils used today and throughout history. For example, in addition to easing headache pain, its calming properties help relax sore muscles all through your body.

Diffusing peppermint oil will help to unclog sinuses very fast but that’s not all. It also helps you stay alert and focused and it helps to freshen your home at the same time. You can also use peppermint to freshen your breath, boost your energy level and help improve digestive problems. You can even make a rub for  your chest to help relieve bronchitis and asthma. It has so many different uses that it’s an important part of any essential oil collection.

My headaches are unbearable sometimes. But I use peppermint oil to get relief fast.