8 INCREDIBLE Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

A powerful healer, learn how to use thyme essential oil for and immunity boost, to heal quicker, ease muscle and joint pain and more!
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One type of mint often utilized in aromatherapy, cooking and dental hygiene products is thyme. This fragrant and flavorful herb originated in Europe and is abundant in the Mediterranean. Fresh or dried thyme leaves are what most people use, but you can also make use of the essential oil derived from its leaves and flowers.

Thyme essential oil is beneficial in many ways, so let’s take a look!

Thyme Essential Oil Benefits

1. Effective antibacterial

Because of thyme’s antibacterial ability, it can eliminate germs and viruses inside the body as well as on the skin. It has been shown to help in the treatment of bacterial infections such as in the respiratory system. When applied on the skin, it diminishes skin conditions caused by germs, such as pimples.

2. May aid in regulating blood pressure

Thyme oil assists in regulating blood pressure in a few ways. It increases the smooth flow of blood throughout the body, reducing tension on the heart which can lead to high blood pressure. The scent of thyme oil is therapeutic as well and can relax the body and relieve feelings of stress which can also aggravate hypertension.

3. Has diuretic properties

If you’ve been feeling bloated from too much water in your body, thyme oil can discharge this excess water through your urine. This is useful for detoxing your body of waste and other contaminants and shedding pounds by decreasing your water weight.

4. Natural insect repellent

Many products for warding off bugs are available in the market but some of them are too harsh because of their chemicals. Thyme oil is one of the essential oils that can be safely used as an insect repellent to prevent bites from bedbugs, mosquitoes, lice and other insects. You can also spray thyme oil inside your closets to deter moths.

5. Helps treat and protect the body from cancer

In one study, thyme oil produced favorable results in destroying cancer cells specific to breast cancer. This shows that this essential oil has potential to support the treatment of cancer, and in several other researches, the number of cancer cells also lessened when thyme oil was used, particularly for cancer in the colon and ovary.

6. Improves digestive health

Aside from eradicating bacteria in the body including the gut, thyme also enhances digestive health. It aids in releasing harmful gas from the stomach, which can cause bloating, discomfort, pains, and vomiting. It also shields the digestive system from accumulating more gas.

7. Supports the treatment of cough

When the body is infected with cough and colds, the nasal passages and respiratory tracts are blocked with phlegm and mucus. Expectorants are needed to expel this phlegm and clear the breathing airways, and thyme oil is great as a natural expectorant.

8. Prevents and controls spasms

Spasms can attack any part of the body and cause painful contractions, such as in the respiratory system, stomach, and muscles. Applying thyme oil can lessen the incidence and severity of these cramps and inhibit spasms.