Essential Oil Books

Essential oil books are a great way to lean more about essential oils, and find answers to questions you might have.
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essential oil books

When first learning about essential oils, most people have a lot of questions. There are so many different types of oils and blends available that getting started is often difficult. Essential oil books are available to help answer questions like:

  • which oils are used for what purposes?
  • What are the best ways to use essential oils?
  • What safety precautions do you need to take?

These are just a few of the questions most people have when using these oils for the first time. Here are some of the most popular EO books designed to guide you as you learn how to improve your overall health and well-being with essential oils.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Valerie Ann Worwood is the author of this amazing guide designed to help you understand all you need to know about essential oils. You’ll earn how to use them to treat common medical problems and for skin and body care. The book even explains how to cook with these oils. With over 600 essential oil recipes to choose from, you’re sure to find it very helpful as you explore the many benefits of using essential oils.


Essential Oils Pocket Reference

Written by Life Science Publishing, this spiral bound reference book is an excellent source of information. It’s small enough to carry around in your purse or pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go. The book provides a list of oils along with what they’re used for. The convenient size and user friendly style makes it an excellent choice for anyone wishing to learn more about essential oils.


Gentle Babies Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infants and Young Children

This paperback book written by Debra Raybern is a wonderful essential oils reference guide for pregnant women and mothers. It’s filled with knowledge pertaining to techniques proven to benefit expectant mothers and offers a wealth of information about using essential oils on infants and small children. It’s a great introduction to Young Living therapeutic oils and there’s even a chapter on how to use them safely. Visit Amazon to purchase or learn more about this amazing essential oil guide for pregnant women and mothers.


Essential Oils Natural Remedies: The Complete A-Z Reference of Essential Oils for Health and Healing

Written by Althea Press, this paperback book is a must for anyone who wants to experience the healing properties of essential oils. This extraordinary book is filled with more than three hundred essential oil remedies, designed to treat over 170 different illnesses. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in this complete A to Z remedy guide.


Essential Oils Pocket Reference

This spiral-bound reference book by Gary Young is the perfect size to carry with you everywhere you go but don’t let the size fool you. It’s filled with a wealth of information to help you choose the right essential oils for your specific needs. You’ll learn how essential oils work, techniques you can use and all about essential oil blends and safety plus so much more. Visit Amazon to learn more about this pocket reference book or to pick up your own copy.


Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

This paperback book by Dr. Scott A Johnson could actually save your life one day. This book contains valuable information about essential oils, carrier oils, the new guidelines for both topical and oral dosages and even the recommended ratios for diluting essential oils. You’ll learn about known drug interactions, safety information and how to manage and treat more than 300 medical conditions, plus so much more. It’s an excellent book that everyone should have in their library.


Healing Oils of the Bible

David Stewart is the author of this paperback book that is based on both Bible and science. It talks about the biblical foundation of essential oils and how Jesus and the disciples practiced healing by praying and the anointment of oils. It’s a great book for anyone wishing to learn more about essential oils and the connection they have with the Bible.


Anyone interested in learning about essential oils can benefit from one or more of these EO books and guides. They will help you learn which oils to use, when to use them, how to use them safely and so much more.