10 More Reasons To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Health (And Around The Home)

Learn all about apple cider vinegar benefits for health and home with our list of 10 common uses for apple cider vinegar!
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You may already be familiar with the culinary use of apple cider vinegar in the kitchen. It is, however, much more than just an ingredient for a tasty meal. Here we shall reveal some amazing facts about its uses for cosmetic purposes, health, and more.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

1. It is an effective herbicide

If you want to kill a particular kind of weed without having to use harmful chemicals, apple cider vinegar is a very reliable option. It can effectively kill weeds by changing the PH condition in the soil and those weeds will die.

2. Safe Cleaning agent

For homeowners who are worried about the chemicals in cleaning detergents, this is a good cleaning agent for your home. Apple cider vinegar contains strong antibacterial properties and yet it is not toxic so just mix water and you are ready to clean around the house and kill all those bacteria.

3. Great Mouthwash option

Apple cider vinegar is a safer alternative to commercial mouthwash. It contains anti-bacteria properties which means when it is used as a mouthwash, it is able to kill those harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. It also prevents plaque and leaves the mouth clean and healthy. Just mix with a bit of water and then use it like you would any other mouthwash.

4. It can serve as a very good hair rinsing agent

For homemade hair treatment, apple cider vinegar is just what you need. There is no need for expensive shampoo. Use it to rinse your hair and you will notice that it will leave the hair looking shiny, it is also good to fight dandruff as well as promoting hair growth. It is an all in one hair treatment that costs much less than a visit to the salon.

5. It is an ingredient for face masks

Another use in the cosmetic department is in the removal of acne. It is one of the special ingredients for face masks that will help to make skin smooth and healthy. To make the facemask, you will need honey, green tea, and sugar. When you mix all four of them in a bowl to make a paste, then you can put that paste on the face for up to 10 minutes before you rinse it off. The results are amazing.

6. Removes toxins from the body

If you wish to detoxify your body and relax at the same time, then apple cider vinegar is just the right ingredient for your bath water. A couple of cups poured into the bath water will be sufficient to create a soothing spa treatment that will help to remove the toxins in the body. At the same time, it will moisturize the skin giving it a nice glow. You can even use this to minimize the effects of being in the sun for too long.

7. Good for Pedicures

Pregnant women and athletes will love this the most but anyone who has had a long day in their shoes may appreciate the amazing effect apple cider vinegar can have on their feet. You can use it to soak aching or swollen feet and it will ease the pain as well as reducing swelling. It can also help to remove unsightly cracks on the feet. Just soak the feet in the vinegar and then scrub off the dead skin for beautiful looking feet.

8. It is a deodorant

For those who are worried about the possible harmful effect of using the deodorants on the market, a simple home remedy using this vinegar will do the trick. Because of its antibacterial properties, it is able to kill the bacteria that bring about that unpleasant armpit odor. A bit of the cider sprinkled and rubbed into the armpit can mask that smell. It may not be as fragrant as the perfumed deodorants, but it does a good job of keeping that bad smell away for a time and it is free of chemicals that may cause cancer. Not everyone may like the smell but it is far better than the smell of sweat.

9. Weight loss

A study was carried out in Japan to see how effective this super food is in promoting weight loss. According to the results, people who take apple cider vinegar seemed to lose more weight than people who did not. This is linked to the fact that it has a tendency to block the absorption of certain starches into the body, regulating the amount of sugar in the body and in effect reducing the amount of weight gained. This also means that it can help people with diabetes not only regulate their weight but balance the blood sugar in their bodies.

10. Gives Youthful skin

Some people drink apple cider with water and they attribute their skin condition to this intake. It is also possible to rub some of this vinegar on age lines and it will effectively remove them with time. Many blemishes associated with age, including spots on the face, and varicose veins for pregnant women can be treated with a few drops of the vinegar onto a cloth or cotton wool and then dabbing it on the affected area to get rid of the blemishes. This is best done in the night and the effect will be seen in the morning.

There are lots of other facts still to be discovered about this amazing super food. It can do much more than add flavor to food. A bit of experimentation can reveal new benefits, many of which occur because of the fact that it contains a number of natural agents. It can act as a substitute for many chemicals that may not be safe to use either on the body or around the home as well as in medical situations. So whenever you have run out of something, maybe apple cider vinegar will be the amazing substitute.

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