Experience Bliss With These Tom’s Of Maine Soaps

These Tom's of Maine soaps and body wash are made with some of my favorite ingredients: essential oils, aloe vera and coconut oil !!!
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Tom's of Maine body wash

I’ll let you in on a secret about myself: I LOVE pretty smelling things. Over the years, I’ve tried everything, including some pretty damaging products. But a few years ago, I decided that my health was more important than pretty smells. Slowly, I replaced all those products that caused me irritations and allergies. And today while at Target, I discovered several new Tom’s of Maine soaps and body washes that got me excited. You want to know why? Because they are made with some of my favorite ingredients: essential oils, aloe vera and coconut oil!!!

You see… I’ve been using homemade soaps, and those can get expensive. I won’t stop using them (some have scents that just make me happy), but I now have alternatives!

Tom’s of Maine Website

Tom's of Maine natural products

Tom’s of Maine recently launched a new line of Natural Body Wash and bar soaps that got me really excited:

  • Creamy Coconut, with virgin coconut oil*
  • Lavender Tea Tree, with raw shea butter*
  • Fragrance Free Sensitive, with aloe vera

*Fair trade certified and organic ingredient

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Why I Love Tom’s Of Maine Natural Products

natural fragrance body washI’ve been using Tom’s toothpaste for quite a few years. I am now using the clean mint Tom’s of Maine whitening toothpaste, and really like it. A little bit goes a long way (at least for me, since I don’t like a lot of foam in my mouth).

I love that Tom’s products are inspired by nature, and use natural ingredients. It’s important for me to treat my skin right, and the sulfate-free formula of these soaps is made to be gentle on skin, without any artificial fragrances or preservatives.

I’m also excited about the packaging: Tom’s soaps have 100% recyclable packaging. The soaps are covered in recycled paper, and I like the toned down packaging: very little waste!

And, of course, I’m excited about the different options: the lavender tea tree oil is my favorite by far. Lavender is relaxing and tea tree oil is antibacterial, a great combination! My husband likes the coconut (he thinks is more appropriate for him, than the girly lavender). And my daughter has sensitive skin, so the fragrance free soaps with aloe vera are perfect for her.

The new body wash is dermatologist-tested and gentle on skin, it’s never tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients 🙂

Tom’s Of Maine Soap Bar

I am excited about these soaps: I love the body wash in the shower, but I prefer a bar of soap at my sink. Call me old fashioned, but a soap bar feels like it’s cleaning my hands better.

Tom's of Maine soap

This soap was made from a triple milled formula to create a rich and creamy lather: soo luxurious feeling!

The single-layer 100% post-consumer waste paper wrapper means less water and energy use and smaller carbon footprint. This is right up my alley: I do my best to keep waste at a minimum.

I love the Tom's Of Maine Soaps, especially this creamy coconut soap

Tom’s Of Maine Body Wash

I got all 3 scents of body wash, because the people in my house have different needs. I’m so happy that Tom’s of Maine came up with more than one option!  My favorite is the lavender tea tree body wash:smells heavenly, and makes my skin happy!

Tom's of Maine lavender tea tree body wash
I’m very happy and excited to add the Tom’s of Maine soap and body wash to my daily routine. They are natural, inexpensive, smell great and are friendly to the environment: I don’t think I can ask for anything else. I hope you give them a try: you’ll be happy you did!

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