Mother’s Day Gifts with Essential Oils

Mother’s Day Gifts with essential oils are the best way to show love and appreciation to your mom, who always gives of herself.
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mothers day gifts with essential oils

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and if you want to get your mother something special she will treasure, you should make her some homemade gifts with essential oils. To make it a truly special day, give her a basket of her favorite oils or brighter her day with a variety of options to show her how much you really care for her. Essential oils are the perfect gift choice for mothers of all ages and backgrounds.

There are so many great Mother’s Day gift ideas you can do with essential oils if you just know how. You can buy your mom some of her favorite oils or a gift certificate to her favorite place to buy oils, but you can go one step further and try some of these ideas on the list:

  • Create a spa basket – You can use essential oils to build a personalized spa basket for your mom on this special day. Take her favorite scents and combine them in a nice basket with other spa items and her favorite lotions or creams. She will love it.
  • Homemade essential oils beauty products – You can make so many great things with essential oils like a muscle rub for relaxing after long days, or a homemade perfume. This is a more grown-up version of the homemade gifts you used to give mom for Mother’s Day.
  • Diffuser jewelry – When regular jewelry just won’t do, consider getting your mom essential oil diffuser jewelry. She can wear her beautiful jewelry while also enjoying her favorite oils.
  • Cooking oils – If your mother loves to spend time in the kitchen, consider giving her some essential oils that are good for cooking like dill, basil, fennel, thyme, rosemary and more.
  • Sugar scrubs – These are very popular, and for good reason, and you can make them with essential oils for that added something refreshing your mom needs.

Now that you have these great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts with essential oils, you’re ready to purchase something for your mom or the other moms in your life today. Big or small, essential oil gifts are a great way to show someone they are special and thought of.

I scoured Etsy for some already made gifts, so you can either buy a special gift, or get some inspiration to create your own 😉

This personalized necklace is beautiful, and she will treasure it for years to come!

personalized neckalce

If your mom enjoys some me time, but never has the time, get her this bath salts sampler, and you’ll know for sure she’ll be spoiled 😉

bath salts sampler

Here’s a great gift: a carrying case for all her oils! By gifting her this, you’ll give her the chance to always have her beloved essential oils with her, no matter where she goes. She can just grab the bag with her favorite oils and be on her way.

essential oil bag

Giving your mom a gift of essential oils shows her how you care in a variety of ways. For one, quality oils don’t usually come cheap and you’re getting her something truly of value and quality. It also shows that you care about her and you’re aware of the things she enjoys and appreciates. If you go one step further and give her something homemade with essential oils, it’s the best of both worlds. If you make it yourself, even better.

Just keep in mind, if you are new to working with essential oils and you want to make something homemade, you should be sure to follow a recipe of someone who is experienced in oils and that you follow the directions perfectly.

Have fun, and come up with the perfect gift for mom on her special day!