DIY Terracotta Essential Oil Jewelry

Learn how to make Terracotta essential oil jewelry and enjoy the benefits of having a portable diffuser with you everywhere you go.
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Learn how to make these beautiful terracotta oil diffusers: great for wearing your oils, and perfect for gifts: mother's day, birthdays, Christmas, and more.

Everyone loves wearing terracotta essential oil jewelry: it’s not only pretty, but wearing it helps you throughout the day. The diffusers above are from a store on Etsy called Aroma Companion.

Are you ready to learn how to make your own Terra Cotta essential oil jewelry? In case you’re not familiar with Terra Cotta jewelry, they are diffuser necklaces that have an adjustable cord and a pendant made out of clay. These necklaces combine creativity, beauty and all the benefits of essential oils together in one stylish piece of jewelry.  It’s the clay pendant and adjustable rope style chain design that makes them different from other types of diffuser jewelry.

They’re very easy to use. All you need to do is add a couple drops of essential oil to the front of the clay pendant and wear it around your neck. The oil soaks into the clay and acts as a mobile diffuser that you can discreetly take with you everywhere you go. You can buy Terracotta necklaces already made or you can make your own.

Make Your Own Version of Terracotta Necklaces

Crayola Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay 2.5 lb Bucket(Discontinued by manufacturer)Crayola Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay 2.5 lb Bucket(Discontinued by manufacturer)Making your own version of the Terra Cotta necklaces is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy working with crafts. The great thing about making your own jewelry is that you can be as creative as you like. Make different designs using stamps or write names and short phrases in the clay to make your diffuser necklaces unique.

To make your own necklace, you’ll need clay, rolling pin, cooking cutters, cord for the chain and a work station. Use the rolling pin to roll out the clay leaving it about a quarter of an inch thick. Next, cut out your shapes, add your design and punch out the hole for the cord. Allow the clay to air dry until it hardens.

Mommy Potamus has more details on how to make your own version of the Terra Cotta essential oil jewelry along with a complete list of all the items you’ll need. You’ll also find directions on how to make your own adjustable cord chain for your clay pendant.

pottery pendants

These beautiful pottery pendants are ready for your favorite essential oil. Get your own here.

Why Wear Terracotta Essential Oil Jewelry

Wearing diffuser jewelry has many benefits, especially if you stay on the go a lot. They offer the same great benefits you receive when diffusing oils at home no matter where you are. The clay pendant slowly diffuses the oil so the aroma will last for hours. Once you place the necklace around your neck, you can forget about it and go ahead with your day.

Diffuser necklaces are light-weight so they’re very comfortable to wear and they’re suitable for both men and women. You can change the oils to suit your specific needs at any given time. For example, you can use lavender essential oil to help you relax when you’re traveling or you can use rosemary to help improve focus and concentrate when working in the office.

Wearing diffuser jewelry gives you a stylish and efficient way to enjoy all the benefits of diffused essential oils when you’re on the go. They also make great conversational pieces and open the door for you to tell others about essential oils and how they can help to improve your overall health.

This cute dragonfly terra cotta pendant can be used as a diffuser pendant or as a zipper pull, making it more versatile.

This cute dragonfly design can be used as a diffuser pendant or as a zipper pull, making it more versatile. Want one? Get it here.