Brieftons Manual Small Food Chopper

Sometimes, using a manual small food chopper can make life easier. Instead of chopping onions by hand, pull the string a few times and you're done!
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Manual small food chopper in action

Last week, I was preparing to make a creamy roasted butternut squash soup: YUM! Usually I just roughly cut my veggies, since I’m going to blend my soup anyways, but this time I decided to saute the onions first for a richer taste. To chop up the onions, I used a manual small food chopper I received free a few days before to review.

I was excited to see how well this Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper would chop my onions. I’m pretty good at chopping onions: I am from Romania and pretty much every dish includes chopped, sauteed onions. So I have a lots of practice.

I needed 2 medium onions and a few garlic cloves chopped up, and I figured I’d quarter them, add them to the food chopper, and be done. Here’s what it looked like.

Garlic and onions ready to chop up

Unfortunately, I was wrong. The image of the Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper on Amazon shows the cup full of vegetables, and I assumed that’s how it worked. I had to fiddle with my quantities, and ended up using 1/2 of onion at a time. Once I knew the right amount I could use, it did a really good job. Take a peek.

Onions chopped up in thte Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper

Honestly, for me personally, this is too much trouble. I can chop up the 2 onions in a couple minutes and not have to worry about portioning it right and then having to wash the chopper. But if you can’t stand the eye sting, this is a great option.

Once my soup was cooked, I was ready to blend it, and i wanted to see how that would look when done manually. I always use my trusty VitaMix, but not everyone has one. Here is my soup before blending it.

roasted butternut squash soup ready to be blended

After a few pulls, my soup was blended pretty good. Here’s a picture of it.

roasted butternut squash blended soup

As you can see, it didn’t have enough power to “cream” the parsley leaves I had in there, but the rest was decent. I am spoiled: I love my soups smooth and creamy, which I can always get with my Vita-mix. The kitchen food chopper did a decent job too, considering it was manually done.

Pros for the Manual Small Food Chopper by Brieftons

While not the perfect tool for my onions, the Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper is a great tool in many circumstances. For example:

  • it’s the perfect size for a single person, or a couple
  • it’s great to take with you on trips if you prefer to make your own food
  • it’s perfect for college students who aren’t allowed electric kitchen appliances in their dorm room. This also fits their budget.
  • it does a great job of chopping soft fruits and vegetables. If you have little ones, you can easily chop up their fruit (think strawberries, apples, pears, etc.) with just a few pulls of the string.
  • it also works for mixing eggs for omelets
  • it’s light and easy to carry
  • the bottom part is machine washable

Cons for the Brieftons Manual Small Food Chopper

If you need to cook larger quantities, this will be tedious. It will take filling the cup too many times, and it will actually take longer than if you chopped your fruits and veggies manually.

This hand held food chopper is  not very sturdy: it seems fragile, so I wouldn’t use it extensively.


In the end, for the price, it’s a nice tool to have for those times when you just need a quick veggie chop. You can get yours here. Oh, you will also get a couple recipe books, which is nice!

In the end,  I blended my soup in my VitaMix, as I always do, and it came out deliciously creamy! See for yourself!

Deliciously creamy roasted butternut squash soup, blended in my VitaMix