23 All-Natural, Inexpensive Ways to Relieve Stress

How to relieve stress naturally - Many times we forget how little things can ease tension in our everyday lives. Here are 23 simple and inexpensive ways to get started.
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We live in a fast-paced hustle and bustle society where everyone is running to get things done and we have very little time to decompress and rest from the working week. In order for us to be at our optimum level, we need to take time for ourselves and to recharge our batteries. Because of all of our obligations, we might not even know where to start. Many times we forget how little rituals can help ease tension in our everyday lives. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to get started.

Relieve Stress in 23 Natural Ways

1. Yoga

If you are a member of a gym you can try any yoga classes there. Sometimes they have different types of yoga classes depending on what you want to achieve. If you have a community newspaper you might try looking in there for a free yoga class.

2. Tea

Something as simple as having tea can decompress you quickly. You can make it a ritual and end your day with your favorite blend.

3. Incense

Have you ever looked at the hundreds of different scents out there? You might be surprised

and even find one that is your favorite. This little practice could relax and help clear your thoughts.

4. Massage

Every now and then you might want to treat yourself to a day spa and just unwind.

5. Get enough sleep

Sounds silly and you hear this all the time but all of us need a solid night’s sleep in order to function on a daily basis. If you are having sleep issues, see your doctor.

6. Breathe in, breathe out

The practice of meditation teaches us to focus on the breath, which is often times the easiest thing to focus on.

7. Mindfulness

At the end of the day or if you need a break you might want to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is being present in the here and now. It is much more in depth than what

we can cover here but worth looking into.

8. Enjoy nature

Have you ever stopped to just enjoy nature around you? Did you wake up in the morning and go outside to feel the cool morning air? Listen to the birds chatter before the hustle and bustle start? You could even take your cup of coffee outside and just enjoy the sounds of nature before your day starts.

9. Meditate

This is a really fascinating practice. Have you ever tried to meditate and discovered the hundreds and thousands of thoughts that enter your mind? If you start meditating do not beat yourself up because you can’t empty your thoughts. It takes years and years of practice to think of absolutely nothing. Buddhist monks will go to the Himalayans and still take years to achieve this practice!! There are a number of excellent CD’s out there that can guide you through the meditation practice or you can find a center that specializes in it if you find it helps you.

10. Cope ahead

This is a cognitive behavioral therapy technique of planning ahead or cope ahead. In order to reduce stress, they suggest planning ahead of time to reduce stress and chaos.

11. Take everything one day at a time

Conversely, sometimes with family and work, we end up planning way too far ahead and not really noticing what’s happening. Slow your pace down and stop to smell the roses in your path.

12. Journal

Writing can have pros and cons. Try not to ruminate and focus on negative aspects. If you need to vent you can vent but once it’s done you should be done with it and not let it spin out of control.

13. Declutter

This can either be positive or negative depending on the approach. Sometimes when we live in a place for any length of time we can end up with a lot of stuff. Take some time to

sort, organize, and toss things that you may not need. Donate to charity and it might make you feel good knowing you are helping someone who might need it.

14. Volunteer

Volunteering your time for nothing is a wonderful thing. If you are in a community where you all like the same things, it’s even better.

15. Go off the grid

Seriously, turn everything off for a day or so and just deal with life. No internet, no television, no cell phone.

16. Be alone

If you are always taking care of someone, be it your family, kids, job, or whatever, pick a day that you can just be alone and do something for yourself, by yourself, and rediscover who you are.

It might be a wonderful thing.

17. Listen to Music

Is the only place you listen to music is in the car? If you have time to yourself turn on the radio and enjoy the music.

18. Color or try art

Have you seen those new adult coloring books? They are the latest rage for a reason. It’s getting back to basics and play therapy. There is something soothing about color and watching them emerge. It also helps you focus on just one thing.

19. Start scrapbooking

You can scrapbook old pictures, new pictures, or just make a scrapbook and discover yourself and your past.

20. Walk your pet

Just you and your pet, if you have one, and take a walk by a beach or a river.

21. Take a bath

When you find that time for yourself, take a long hot bath. Set the mood. Get candles, bubbles, the whole works, and just unwind.

22. Read

Reading is a wonderful escape that doesn’t cost much and your brain can focus on something else other than your thoughts for a while.

23. Gardening

This is another way to get back to nature and get in touch with the earth. Learn to plant vegetables to aid in your health. Plant flowers that you can use in your house, that will beautify your garden. Plant herbs you can use in your cooking. The garden can be an oasis for you to go to if you don’t want to leave the house.

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