9 Ways To Use Bergamot Essential Oil For Better Health

Find out why bergamot essential oil is so popular with essential oil users! Pain relief, improved mental focus and even as a natural deodorant!
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Bergamot oil is derived from Citrus Bergamia, a small fruit-bearing tree that grows in the Mediterranean climate. It was named after Bergamo, a city in Italy where the bergamot oil trade originated. This oil is cold pressed from the fruit’s rind and one hundred fruits can yield up to three ounces of oil.

This sweet-scented essential oil is used in perfumery, and in food flavoring. Some of its active agents include the limonene, alpha pinene, beta bisabolene, alpha bergaptene, nerol, linalook, geraniol, and alpha terpineol. Rich in polyphenolic compounds, the bergamot essential oil offers a wide range of health benefits. Read on.

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

Works great as antidepressant

Bergamot oil has long been used as an antidepressant. This is due to its ability to boost energy levels and uplift moods. Its antidepressant effect helps reduce physical and mental fatigue by improving hormonal secretions and circulation.

The alpha-pinene and limonene found in this oil were discovered to have a stimulating effect. You can use this essential oil when you see depression signs, like appetite loss, libido loss, and general fatigue. It is a good alternative to prescription medications!

Works as deodorant

This oil is known for its sweet aroma. Many perfumes being sold today contain this oil in various proportions. When used as a deodorant, it can help control unpleasant body odors by killing bacteria. Its fresh scent also helps uplift your mood, and allow you to move around with confidence. Check out this bergamot and lime deodorant recipe from The Healthy Maven!

Treats digestive problems

Bergamot oil contains properties that can keep the digestive system healthy. It promotes secretion of enzymes, particularly the bile. These enzymes help improve digestion, as well as encourage the absorption of essential nutrients. Rubbing a few drops of this oil on the stomach will give a beneficial effect, especially to children who lack appetite.

Relieves anxiety

This oil helps relax the mind to relieve anxiety and stress. Thanks to the flavonoids in this oil, neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are stimulated. This results in improved nerve function. However, it is important to note that this oil may cause a mild sedative effect that relaxes the mind and body.

Improves focus

If you are having trouble focusing on tasks at hand, a few drops of this oil can help. It can be used on both children and adults who are anxious or restless for various reasons. The oil can help you stay mentally alert and focus throughout the day.

Promotes hormonal balance

Bergamot oil has a positive effect on the endocrine glands responsible for releasing hormones, including insulin and reproductive hormones. It can help reduce hormonal problems associated with menopause and menstruation. In addition, this oil can help control blood sugar levels, perfect for people with diabetes.

Treats many different skin conditions

This essential oil is recognized as a cicatrizant, meaning it can help reduce blemishes and scars. It is particularly helpful in reducing acne marks. This oil can also address skin pigmentation, and lighten those dark spots by promoting even distribution of melamine.

If you have oily skin, you can mix this oil with water and use it as a facial wash. It will remove excess oil and leave your face soft and smooth. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, this oil may even help prevent acne. It is often used in many hygiene products, like shampoos and soaps.

Relieves pain

Bergamot oil has analgesic properties that help reduce nerve sensitivity, relieving any pain in the injured area. It also helps reduce anxiety and stress. You can apply the oil topically to relieve various types of pain, from headaches to arthritic pain.

For muscle and joint pains, simply mix equal amounts of this oil and a carrier oil, and rub it into the affected area. For migraines and headaches, apply a drop or two behind the ear and on the forehead. You can also diffuse it and let it relax your body and mind.

Eliminates intestinal worms

This oil can also be used to eliminate intestinal worms, especially in children. Simply rub two to three drops on the abdomen for quick relief. However, for very young children, apply only a drop of oil on the stomach.

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