How To Use Lavender Essential Oil for Babies and Children!

Learn how to use Lavender Essential Oil for skin conditions and to help babies and children sleep better! We have even included to diffuser blend recipes!
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“Is Lavender Essential Oil safe for babies and children?” you might ask! Yes, it is safe for babies three months and older and children as long as it is diluted well with a Carrier Oil!

Only four Essential Oils are said to be safe for the use with babies three months old to two years old. They are Lavender Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Rose Otto Essential Oil and Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. A healthy and safe mixture for babies is to use just one drop of Lavender Essential Oil per four tsp Carrier Oil. A good Carrier Oil to use on babies is Sweet Almond Oil.

For children aged two to ten, you can increase the combination to two drops Lavender Essential Oil per Four tsp Carrier Oil. Children of the age ten and over can be treated with regular adult mixtures. Use discretion, of course!

For babies and children, Lavender Essential Oil can help to aid sleep and soothe the skin!

Lavender Essential Oil for Babies and Children

Lavender Essential Oil for Soothing the Skin!

Babies often develop skin irritations and diaper rashes. Lavender oil is excellent for calming the irritation! For a massage blend, add one drop Lavender Essential Oil to four tsp Sweet Almond Oil. Lightly rub the mixture into the troubled area on your baby’s skin!

For Children two years old to ten years old whom might have developed Eczema or skin irritations, try this simple mixture:

This blend is also great for Sun Burn relief for children!

Lavender Essential Oil for Aiding with Sleep!

Lavender Essential Oil is associated with deep relaxation, and its vapors produce a natural calming effect! It is a great Essential Oil to use to help your baby and children get a better night’s rest! Add several drops to the water in your baby’s humidifier or buy an electric water diffuser for the kid’s room! This will fill the room with a sweet, relaxing scent of tranquility! Lavender Essential Oil can produce a strong scent, so start with one or two drops, then add more if you require a stronger scent. The amount of Lavender Essential Oil that you add to a humidifier or diffuser would depend on how much water is in the device, and then adjust the mixture to your preference!

A Recipe for Good Sleep!

To help relieve Insomnia, mix and vaporize,

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