How To Make Orange Peels Vinegar Cleaner

Still cleaning your home with "nice smelling", toxic cleaners? Learn how to make your own orange peels vinegar cleaner for a natural way to clean your home
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How To Make And Use Orange Peels Vinegar Cleaner

I LOVE a clean, fresh smelling house! You probably heard me say this before, and I repeat it because it’s very important to me and those around me. To freshen up my home, I use room sprays made with essential oils, I run my diffuser and I clean with orange peels vinegar cleaner I make myself.

I used to “freshen up” my house with the plug-in type of air freshener, and could never figure out why I had bad headaches. With some of those air fresheners, I could actually taste the scent of it, making it a very unpleasant experience.

I haven’t had those headaches in a long time (since I stopped using toxic scents and cleaners in my home), and I couldn’t’ be happier. Today I’ll share with you home I make my orange peels vinegar cleaner. It’s really easy to make and saves me a LOT of money.

How To Make Orange Peels Vinegar Cleaner

Pakkon Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar, 1 GallonPakkon Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar, 1 Gallon Making your own vinegar orange peel cleaner is easy and inexpensive. All you need is some white vinegar and orange peels.

We eat lots of oranges (and grapefruits) during the winter months: it’s the best natural way to increase vitamin C intake. It’s also a very tasty way to stay healthy 😉

So, since we have all these orange and grapefruit peels, using them to make homemade orange vinegar cleaner is quick and easy. The orange peels vinegar costs pennies and cleans just as well as some expensive commercial cleaners.

If you’re bothered by the vinegar smell, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you smell your orange peel vinegar cleaner: it smells sweet, just like the oranges.

To make your orange peel vinegar cleaner fill a large glass jar with your orange peels (feel free to add other citrus peels if you happen to have some), and cover with white vinegar. Cover your jar and place it in a dark place for a coupe of weeks.

After the 2 weeks in the dark, your orange peels cleaner is ready to use. Strain your vinegar into a holding container and use it as needed.

How To Use Your Homemade Orange Vinegar Cleaner

8oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle (2 Pack) Perfect for Essential Oil Blends8oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle (2 Pack) Perfect for Essential Oil Blends Once you strained the orange peels cleaner, you can use it straight out of the bottle for tough jobs, like bathroom soap scum or greasy stoves.

Otherwise, pour some into a spray bottle and mix it 50/50 with water. You’re now ready to clean your home with the most natural cleaner that has no harsh chemicals or toxins.

What can you clean with this natural all purpose cleaner? Most everything in your home:

  • mirrors and windows
  • bathroom soap scum
  • toilets and sinks
  • kitchen grease
  • wooden cutting boards
  • counter tops
  • trashcan

Where NOT To Use Vinegar Orange Peel Cleaner

While the orange peels vinegar cleaner is great for most of your cleaning needs, you should be aware that vinegar can damage some surfaces.

If you have stone floor tiles,  don’t use it to clean them. Vinegar cleaning solutions are not good for terracotta (or other porous) items, or marble and granite countertops.

Now you can enjoy the savings and health benefits of vinegar cleaning.

Learn how to make and orange peel vinegar cleaner for your home