How To Lose 5 Pounds in Only 5 Days! (10 Steps)

Use these 10 steps to lose 5 pounds in 5 days - no starving yourself or crash dieting!
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A short-term diet and routine that will help lose an astounding 5 pounds in just 5 days can be used as a quick-fix, ahead of a more stable, ongoing lifestyle change. Or, it is a great way to squeeze into a tight dress you’re planning on wearing the upcoming weekend! The reality is, quick weight loss is great for motivation and if you have a lot of weight to lose, dropping the first 5 pounds quickly is an awesome way to motivate yourself to the next step.

The following tips are effective if followed religiously but should not be continued on a long term basis.

A strict disclaimer: this regime if continued for more than 5 days might give rise to health issues as the changes are abrupt. It is more of a quick remedy in case something big is coming up. Stop doing these tips if you feel nauseous.

Let us explore the different tips and tricks to losing 5 pounds in such a short period of time.

Lose 5 pounds In 5 Days

1. Eating Habits

It does not need to be a “crash diet”. Some tips that you may follow:

  • Check that snacking habit. Include healthy food items as your snack. Fresh fruits and vegetables, yoghurt, nuts are filling without the calorie count
  • Fix yourself a salad with some fat free dressing
  • Make a daily calorie count and plan out your meals accordingly
  • Switch to fat free dairy products
  • There are numerous recipes for gluten free food. Try them out. They are delicious.
  • Instead of eating fried items, eat baked ones
  • Go organic. Organic fruits and vegetables are pesticide free and it will improve digestion

2. Go Carb-free

Low carb diets are the fastest ways to lose weight. Make smart choices and avoid starchy food like grains and dairy products. If you cannot do without some carbohydrate in your diet, restrict it to the minimum.

3. No late night snacking

Our tendency is to grab a can of soda or a packet of chips whenever we feel hungry between meals. A movie night means a big tub of butter popcorn, soda and unaccountable chips and candies. Stop that now! Try to avoid eating anything after dinner. If you are hungry still, go for healthy alternatives.

4. Drink Water

Drinking a big tumbler of water should be the first thing you do after waking up. It will help in bowel movement and get your metabolism going for the day. If you are looking for weight loss tips, warm up the water and mix a teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. This works wonders in terms of weight loss. A little bit of honey with you lemon infused water is also beneficial.

5. Exercise

As you exercise, you lose energy which in turn will do well to your metabolism. A higher metabolism results in more weight loss. All this does not imply extreme workouts. A light run or jog around the park, some free hand training, swimming, yoga, etc. are some exercises that are easy to follow. It will tone your body and make you physically active. Your stamina will also increase gradually. If you are looking for something more exhaustive, do some weight trainings or hit the gym if needed.

6. Sugar and alcohol

Sodas and packaged juices have high content of artificial sweetener and these will in no way help in your weight loss process. Cut down on that alcohol intake. Your hunger boosts after you drink which turns to weight gain.

7. Avoid gas –producing food

Foods like cauliflower, beans, garlic and onions form gas which makes you feel bloated. Also void aerated drinks or gum.

8. Dance to your favorite track

This is the most fun tip that would effectively contribute to your weight loss journey. Just put on a peppy number and dance like there is no tomorrow. You will not believe how much calories are burnt through dancing!

9. Eat a meal every three hours

Having your required amount of food often is more effectual than not eating for long hours and then having a hearty meal. Eat in short intervals. Dr. Oz suggests eating within one hour of waking up.

10. Sleep well

Maintain the duration and time of sleep. Staying up late, as most people do and snacking every now and then works against the weight loss challenge.

A healthy lifestyle combined with these habits is the key to losing weight fast. Understand the needs of your body and plan out your regime accordingly. You are bound to get results.