Essential Oils For Your Hospital Bag

Knowing the best essential oils for your hospital bag is important to help ease the pain and stress associated with childbirth. Have these oils in YOUR bag!
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essential oils for hospital bag

Being pregnant is an emotional time in a woman’s life. You may feel excited, scared, happy, nervous and a bit overwhelmed, all at the same time. As your due date draws near, it’s time to start planning for your hospital stay. This way, you’ll be able to gather essential oils for your hospital bag in advance, so you’ll have everything you need during your stay.

Diffusing essential oils or using them topically can help make your stay in the hospital a little more pleasant. Begin sorting out which oils to take and start packing your bag a few weeks before your due date. This way, you’ll have time to make sure you have everything you need while in the delivery room and after your baby is born. If you’re running around at the last minute rushing to get to the hospital, you’re sure to forget something important.

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What to Add to Your Hospital Bag

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When packing your bag for the hospital stay there are a few basic things that you need to take along with you. For example, you’ll need a comfortable pair of pajamas, nursing top, extra set of clothing to wear home and your insurance papers. Don’t forget your deodorant, toothpaste and mouthwash, all of which you can make yourself using essential oils.

You can also make your own baby wipes using essential oils instead of buying them. They’re a lot safer for your newborn and very easy to make. You’ll find a simple DIY recipe for making baby wipes on doTERRA Blog that you may want to try. When packing your bag, remember to take along a couple of outfits for your baby, too.

Once you have the basics packed, you can sort through your essential oils and choose the ones you think you’ll need during your hospital stay.

Best Essential Oils for Your Hospital Bag To Help Labor and Delivery

When it’s time for your baby to make his or her big debut, essential oils may help everything go a little smoother. Some women say they made the whole experience less stressful by helping them relax and easing labor pain.

Some of the best essential oils to include in your hospital bag are:

  • Marjoram – helps to soothe the discomforts of contractions
  • Lavender – has a calming effect that helps relieve stress
  • Peppermint – gives you a quick energy boost
  • Frankincense – helps to calm your emotions and ease labor pains
  • Wild Orange – helps to enhance your mood and boost your energy
  • Tea tree – excellent for stabilizing your mood
  • Serenity – has sedative and anti-anxiety properties
  • Ylang Ylang – can be used to advance labor
  • Clary Sage – will help induce labor naturally

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Do not use clary sage or ylang ylang during your pregnancy because both of them may cause contractions and you don’t want to go into labor before your baby is ready.

Essential oils can help you relax and manage your feelings much better during a time when emotions are running wild. Some of them may also help ease the pain associated with childbirth, which helps to ease the stress and tension that goes along with it.

Having a few essential oils in your hospital bag can make a huge difference in your birthing experience. Here are a few oils you should consider.

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