4 Incredible Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil For Skin

Find out how to use Carrot Seed Essential Oil for improved complexion, to reduce oily skin, treat sunburn, prevent the signs of aging plus four other fantastic benefits!
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You might be thinking that carrot seed oil is extracted from the familiar orange root crop, but, in fact, carrot seed oil is taken from the wild carrot plant’s seeds.  This plant which is also known as Queen Anne’s lace grows naturally in parts of India and Egypt.  Many people are unaware of carrot seed oil but this essential oil is rich in nutrients and contains just as many benefits as other more popular oils. It is also known for it’s fantastic benefits for skin, read on!

Benefits Carrot Seed Essential Oil 

Carrot Seed Oil For Skin

1. Improves your complexion

If you need a good toner to diminish your pores and you’d like to improve your skin’s texture to a balance of softness and firmness, carrot seed oil is an excellent choice.  When mixed with lemon oil, you can also use it to brighten up your complexion and make your skin fairer.

2. Treats sunburn

To help your skin recover more quickly from the painful and unpleasant effects of sunburn, apply carrot seed oil combined with aloe vera gel.  This will soothe your aching skin, help it heal and encourage the growth of new, undamaged skin cells.

3. Protects against aging

The toxic free radicals in our environment contribute to aging which causes many skin problems including wrinkles and discoloration.  In addition to that, aging also affects the muscles, hair, and scalp.  Thankfully, because of antioxidants, including those in carrot seed oil, your skin can be guarded against premature aging and other related damage.

4. Regulates the skin’s production of oil

When your body generates too much sebum, your skin becomes oily, but not enough oil and your skin becomes dry.  Whether your problem is oily skin or dry, carrot seed oil can help control the production of sebum in your glands, ensuring the smoother, even texture of your skin.

More Carrot Seed Essential Oil Benefits

5. Hydrates hair

Boost the potency of your hair conditioner with carrot seed oil.  To heighten your hair’s sheen and keep it soft and moisturized, mix several drops of the carrot seed oil with your conditioner and gently rub this into your tresses.

6. Eliminates germs and viruses

When used on the skin, carrot seed oil can kill bacteria and disinfect the skin, treating any infections and protecting the skin from contamination.  Some users have also suggested taking a few drops of the oil by mouth to clear the internal organs of impurities and shield the body from diseases caused by viruses.

7. Detoxifies

Carrot seed oil may also be beneficial in removing toxins in the organs and muscles.  Any surplus of bile produced by the liver can be counterbalanced by carrot seed oil as well.  This makes it easier for the body to fight infections and avoid conditions like gout and arthritis.

8. Cleanses the digestive system of bacteria and worms

Another surprising use for carrot seed oil is that it’s able to discharge any worms and bacteria which cause stomachaches from your intestine or digestive organs.  When ingesting carrot seed oil, however, make sure you take only the recommended amount and dilute it with a carrier oil at the same time.  If you plan on giving it to a child, be sure to check with your doctor first.

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