8 Ways To Use Catnip Oil For Better Health

A fantastic, natural sedative that is used for medicinal purposes, it's relaxing properties make it perfect for individuals struggling with insomnia and nervousness but the benefits do not stop there!
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Most everyone knows that catnip is loved by all cats but not many people are aware that catnip oil has benefits for humans as well.  Catnip essential oil is extracted from the catnip plant which is endemic in certain areas in Africa, Europe, and Asia.  The oil and leaves were originally brewed to make tea but now other uses and health benefits of the oil have also been discovered.

8 Ways to Benefit Using Catnip Oil

1. Natural sedative

A fantastic, natural sedative that is used for medicinal purposes, it’s relaxing properties make it perfect for individuals struggling with insomnia and nervousness.

2. Aids the body in releasing gas

In relation to stomach function, catnip oil is also great for helping this organ to discharge gas that causes cramps and bloating.  To use the oil, you can inhale the aroma through a vaporizer or drink it as tea combined with other digestive-healthy herbs or oils such as ginger.

3. High in antioxidants

Free radicals that invade the body cause abnormalities in the cells including premature aging.  One way to fight the damage is to consume more foods with antioxidant properties like catnip oil.  This will keep your skin from experiencing advanced wrinkles, lines, and discolorations.

4. Encourages more regular urination

To keep the body from bloating and developing disorders due to the buildup of water or waste, we also need to regularly release excess water through urination.  A diuretic like catnip oil will help you urinate more often, leading to a decrease in blood pressure, elimination of toxins and even loss of water weight.

5. Cleanses wounds and promotes healing

With its ability to decontaminate and eradicate germs, catnip oil is excellent for cleaning wounds.  The affected area will be thoroughly cleaned to avoid infection.  At the same time, the oil’s antiseptic potency helps skin cells recover more quickly.

6. Enhances the health of your hair

For smoother and softer hair, try soaking your hair in some catnip oil that’s been dissolved in water.  It works like a natural conditioner.  If you have scalp problems like dandruff, catnip oil may also be massaged into your scalp.  Rinse off the oil afterwards.

7. Calms the nervous system

To naturally soothe your nerves, try catnip oil.  It supports the healing of the nerves and treatment of nervous disorders.  For those who suffer from shakiness brought about by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, catnip oil can provide relief.  It also fortifies and protects your nervous system.

8. Helps treat spasms

Effective against cramps in general, catnip oil also has antispasmodic potential.  It relaxes the muscles and minimizes contractions.  It can be used to alleviate muscle pains, stomach ache, and spasm-related breathing problems.

9. Improves stomach functions

One of the best uses for catnip oil is for helping the stomach recover from ailments such as ulcers.  It also enables the smooth movement of acids and other fluids in the digestive system.  Catnip oil can help make sure the digestive organs do not become deficient in bile which results in the stomach becoming too acidic.

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