8 Benefits of Cassia Oil (Immunity, Skin Conditions, A Great Mood Lifter & More!)

Cassia Essential Oil is similar to the ever-popular cinnamon essential oil and has a range of fantastic benefits for digestion, immune system and even as a mood uplifter!
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Cassia oil is in many ways just like cinnamon oil even in benefits and when it comes to its fragrance.  Both of these oils come from the same plant family.  The main difference, though, is that cassia oil is slightly sweeter.  The cassia plant comes mostly from China and the oil is taken from its leaves and bark.

Top Health Benefits of Cassia Oil 

1. Lessens menstrual-related cramps

The potential of cassia oil as a pain-reliever makes it effective in lessening pain associated with the menstrual period such as cramps and headache.  It also decreases mood swings and bloating in the stomach.  Nausea is also a common menstrual symptom and cassia oil can help with that as well.

2. Reduce arthritic pain and swelling

Another health concern that cassia oil can aid in managing inflammation.  The pain and swelling from arthritis and rheumatism can be eased using this oil.  Cassia oil can protect the body and its organs as well from the risk of developing inflammation.

3. A natural remedy for diarrhea

Using cassia oil, diarrhea attacks can be halted and the digestive system brought back to its normal condition.  Bacteria in the gut and inflammation are common causes of diarrhea and cassia oil is able to eliminate these germs and viruses.

4. Treats skin conditions from acne to cuts and rashes

With its ability to cleanse and remove toxins in the skin, cassia oil can also be utilized for the treatment of some skin conditions.  Use it together with a carrier oil to diminish acne, accelerate the recovery of the skin from cuts, and heal some types of rashes.

5. Has antibacterial properties

As an antibacterial and antiviral solution, cassia oil eradicates germs in the organs and body systems.  It also stops the growth and development of various bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast, protecting the body from infection and inflammation.

6. Fortifies your immunity

Because of its potency as an antibacterial agent, this oil is also effectively getting rid of infections that may trigger fever.  It provides warmth to the body as well which and it’s excellent for guarding the body from colds and cough.

7. Increases the flow of blood throughout the body

The pain relief, generation of warmth and protection from inflammation all produced by cassia oil are related to the circulation of blood throughout the body.  As cassia oil enhances the blood flow in the body, nutrients are distributed and delivered properly to all organs and systems.

8. Fights depression

The sweet scent of cassia oil has a therapeutic effect, soothing the body and aiding in the management of stress and anxiety.  Place a couple of drops of this oil into a diffuser and inhale the vapors to enjoy a warming and relaxing sensation.

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