How To Incorporate Aromatherapy In Your Home Decor

Incorporating aromatherapy in your home decor will have an almost instant effect on your family's mood. Give it a try today!
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As I learn more and more about essential oils, I LOVE incorporating them in every day life with every change I get. Today I explore the possibilities of including aromatherapy in my home decor, and I’m glad to have you with me for this awesome ride!

Initially I didn’t think there were many ways I could include essential oils in decorating my home, but I found out there are quite a few ways. Let’s look at some way to add aromatherapy into beautifying our homes.

Decorating With Essential Oil Candles

Candles create a wonderful atmosphere by the soft glow they spread as they burn. And if you use candles that were scented with essential oils you will also enjoy the benefits of clean, natural smells that are healthy to be around.

You can make your own candles from bees wax and essential oils, and use beautiful glass jars you can find from thrift stores to make your own beautiful and delicious smelling candles.

I wanted to see what’s possible, and found some beautiful candles to decorate my home with. Here’s a bit of inspiration for you:

goddess pendant candle

This candle has a lovely smell of vanilla and lemon that will please everyone.

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orange soy candle

Scented with natural essential oils, including grapefruit, orange, and lemon oil, this bright orange candle will cheer up any room!

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heart candle

Made with orange and grapefruit essential oils, this heart shaped candle is perfect for your bedroom ūüėČ

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yellow candle with grapefruit essential oil

Perfect for your desk, this grapefruit and orange candle will lift up everyone’s mood!

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Decorating With Scented Pillows

For an instant change of decor, you can add a couple pillows and immediately feel rewarded. Add to that a few drops of essential oil and you can experience bliss and happiness.

You can use your existing pillows, or you can go all out and buy a couple nice new pillows specifically made to be sued with essential oils. Here are a few ideas for you:

 diamond motif pillow

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 lace-up pillow

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Decorating With Scented Sachets

 heart sachet

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 scented sachets

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