8 Amazing Benefits of Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Learn about the incredible health benefits of juniper essential oil - Use if to relieve bloating and gas, improve digestion, control cellulite, skin conditions and so much more!
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Since olden times, the juniper berry has been used both for its flavor and for medicinal purposes. The shrub of this berry is found throughout Europe and in some places in North America and Asia. Its oil is extracted usually from the berries or needles.

Here are the many uses of juniper berry essential oil.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Benefits

1. Promotes better sleep

Juniper berry oil is beneficial for improving the quality of sleep. Its fragrance is therapeutic and helps relax the body and soothe the mind and it can therefore be used to lessen anxiety and tension. When combined with other essential oils, it can safely be used as a natural alternative to sleep medications.

2. Potent disinfectant

Another benefit of juniper berry essential oil is that it’s effective as an antibacterial. It’s useful for cleansing the skin of germs and fungi infections. Its germ-killing power can also be utilized as a natural cleaning agent for your home, whether in the air or on surfaces.

3. Has antispasmodic properties

Because of its antispasmodic properties, juniper berry oil is able to relieve cramps and muscle aches. Any pains in the body’s muscles, or stomach ache from cramps can be eased by massaging with juniper berry essential oil.

4. Aids in treating skin infections

As an antibacterial, juniper berry oil can also be made use as a natural treatment to help the skin heal from various skin conditions. It’s great for reducing the redness and swelling of rashes and skin irritations. When combined with a carrier oil, it can even be applied on pimples.

5. Has antioxidant potential

In some studies, researchers discovered that juniper berry oil has great potential as an antioxidant. What antioxidants can do for the body is remarkable. They aid the body in recovering from the damage to its cells caused by free radicals as well as protect it from further harm.

6. Alleviates stomach discomfort

Bloating and the uncomfortable full feeling in the stomach are caused by excessive gas. This can also lead to stomach pain. Use juniper berry oil by rubbing it on the stomach to release any trapped gas.

7. Has detoxifying abilities

Juniper berry oil is a diuretic as well so it increases the body’s production of urine. Toxins and other waste in the body are removed through the passage of urine. Excess water which adds to your weight is also released.

8. Counteracts stomach acidity

Acid reflux is a common complaint of many people and fortunately, there are natural alternatives for treating it, including juniper berry oil. Indigestion and heartburn are other stomach problems that juniper berry oil can help with. Just rub the oil on the affected area for relief.