10 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils for sleep help you fall asleep faster & rest more peacefully when you suffer from insomnia. See what oils will help you rest better.
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Essential Oils For Sleep

If you are one of the millions of people all over the world that suffer with insomnia, essential oils for sleep may be exactly what you need. Insomnia is a real problem that can leave you mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Tossing and turning all night or lying in bed watching the minutes tick away as you become more desperate to fall asleep is miserable.

People with insomnia have trouble performing everyday tasks because they are too tired and sleepy to concentrate. Not getting enough sleep can make you grumpy, withdrawn, short tempered and prone to accidents. Sleep deprivation can even contribute to a number of serious physical disorders such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes but using essential oils for insomnia can help.

Ways to Treat Insomnia

Treating insomnia with essential oil recipes for sleep won’t cure the underlying problem that is keeping you awake at night. However, they can help relieve some of the symptoms until you can pinpoint and treat the problem. According to HelpGuide.org, there are several common ways to treat insomnia not caused by medical or emotional problems.

These include the following:

  • Create a sleep journal to identify habits that could induce insomnia and make changes to your routine
  • Avoid eating big meals or consuming alcohol or anything else with caffeine before bedtime
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Take over-the-counter sleep aids or prescription sleeping pills
  • Meditate to help relax the mind and body
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine
  • Create a quiet and dark environment for sleeping

All of these methods can help get you on the right track but using aromatherapy for sleep will actually help you fall asleep faster when you go to bed. The aroma created by essential oils will create a peaceful and relaxing environment in which you feel calm and ready for sleep.

The plants from which these oils are extracted contain compounds that can stimulate the body’s production of serotonin and promote relaxation naturally. Lavender oil for sleep is one of the best options when you have insomnia. It has a powerful scent that creates a sense of physical and mental well-being so it helps you feel relaxed.

Essential Oils Used As Natural Sleep Aids

  1. Ylang-Ylang – relieves stress
  2. Roman Chamomile – promotes relaxation and relieves stress
  3. Frankincense – relieves anxiety and depression
  4. Vetiver – helps relieve stress, anxiety and nervousness
  5. Marjoram – promotes calmness and has sedating properties
  6. Clary Sage – relieve stress and ease depression
  7. Valerian – relieves anxiety and nervousness
  8. Patchouli – promotes peacefulness
  9. Cedarwood – induce calmness and relaxation
  10. Sandalwood – relieves stress and anxiety

You have the option of using any of these oils alone or you can combine them together to create an essential oil sleep blend designed just for you.

For example, mixing lavender and roman chamomile will create a blend that helps relieve stress and promote sleep. The two oils mixed together create a clean and relaxing scent that naturally stimulates and increases the brain’s production of serotonin. There are several lavender essential oil for sleep recipes available already or you can create your own special essential oil blend recipe for sleep.

How to Promote Rest With Essential Oils for Sleep

There are many essential oils for sleep to choose from and several ways to use them. One of the most common methods is to use a diffuser to disperse the aroma through the air. You can find many essential oil diffuser recipes for sleep that are sure to help calm your mind and help you relax.

You can also place a couple drops on your pillow or mix a few drops of oil in your bath water. Mix with a carrier and apply to skin in the form of a massage or look for an essential oil sleep cream recipe that you can apply at night to help you rest.

Essential oils have been around for centuries. However, the use of these oils are gaining in popularity as more and more people are searching for natural ways to help them fall asleep and stay that way until morning. When used correctly, these oils are very effective and safe to use.

10 Essential Oils For Better Sleep - YES, you too can slepp like a baby!