6 Incredibly Effective Essential Oils For Back Pain Relief

Struggling with an achy back? These are the 6 best essential oils for getting rid of back pain!
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Essential oils are gaining more fans as natural remedies for all sorts of ailments. They are also beneficial for beauty and skincare and can even be used for keeping the home fresh and clean. Different muscle aches and pains can be soothed by using essential oils. One common health complaint is back pain and there are several essential oils that have proven effective for its relief.

Here are the top essential oils that are best for reducing back pain.

Best Essential Oils For Back Pain

1. Eucalyptus

When rubbed on the skin and muscles, eucalyptus produces a calming sensation thanks to its menthol-like effect. It can decrease swelling and inflammation to diminish soreness and pain. Eucalyptus essential oil has been used over the years for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and muscle strain. It’s also excellent for killing germs, combating infections and protecting the body from diseases caused by bacteria. Use this oil in moderation, however, because it can have adverse effects if too much is used.


2. Juniper

Application of juniper oil on stiff muscles and aching body parts can stop painful spasms and inhibit the contraction of muscles. This oil has been known to aid patients suffering from rheumatism. It’s also beneficial for lessening pain on the nerves. It should be noted, however, that this oil has energizing properties as well so it may boost your energy and keep you from relaxing when you’re about to sleep.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint oil has been found to be effective in the treatment of various aches in the body including in the stomach, head, and back. Arthritic-related pain can also be lessened when peppermint oil is used in massage. The antispasmodic properties of peppermint make it a good alternative to traditional pain relievers in preventing spasms from occurring or getting worse. Even though you can use peppermint oil on the head, avoid getting some on your eyes or it will sting.


4. Lavender

Though best known for its wonderful scent and ability to relax the body, lavender is effective in treating body pains. Using lavender essential oil together with other oils will increase its relaxing effect and pain relieving properties to support better quality sleep. Lavender has also been used by people who feel stressed because it helps calm the mind and we know that stress can lead to migraines stomach ache and backache. This is my favourite lavender essential oil that I recommend.


5. Rosemary

Some of the best uses of rosemary oil are as remedy for pain and soreness in the muscles, arthritis and headaches. This oil is also great for fighting inflammation and reducing swelling in the joints and muscles. Apply the oil on the painful area to increase the flow of blood while decreasing pain and stiffness. Other benefits of rosemary are strengthening mental function and countering depression.


6. Clary Sage

The therapeutic effect of clary sage oil is best for cramps in the muscles particularly in the abdomen but also in the back. This is because it helps bring down inflammation and minimize pain. Menstrual discomfort can be eased when clary sage oil is massaged on the affected area. In small amounts and topically, clary sage oil is useful and beneficial but ingesting it should be avoided.