27 Funny Essential Oil Memes That EO Lovers Totally Understand!

Love essential oils? You are going to get a kick out of these 27 hilarious essential oil memes!
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I love Essential Oils. They work wonders for any number of ailments but isn’t it so interesting how much essential oils divide opinion – there’s the casual users, the EO lovers (us!), the haters and those that refuse to use them (despite how well they work!). This mix of users vs non-users, EO lovers vs ignorant folks makes for some fantastic memes that Essential Oil lovers TOTALLY understand! Enjoy! 🙂

One simply does now… Run out of lavender if they got kids.


Essential oils are expensive?… Please tell me more about how doctor visits saved you a fortune.


Just tried essential oils. Suddenly the girls with the annoying oil posts isn’t so annoying, SHE IS AWESOME


I live on prayer, caffeine and essential oils.


Essential oils fix everything right?… Just pour them all over my entire life.


Here is a list of things that I don’t use essential oils for.


I told him for Valentines Day I wanted a dozen roses pressed and distilled in to 5ml of Young Living Essential Oil.


You have two options: 1) Try the essential oils I gave you, or 2) Stop complaining. Pick one.


I better make a list of all the calming essential oils that I need to diffuse because my mother-in-law is visiting.


“I love spending up to 50% more for essential oils. Why would I want to buy the highest quality essential oils for less”. Said no person ever!


Here is a list of things that I don’t use essential oils for.


One must never throw away empty Essential Oil bottles because there might be a few more drops of goodness in there…


My face when… my oils finally arrive!


Ordered 550 bucks worth of oils this month so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.


Where’s that FedEx man with my Essential Oils??


You’ll wear a chemical-based makeup every week… But you have to do your research before you try essential oils?


My face when my husband says I already have enough oils.


That moment when you realize you left the house without your essential oils…


I’ll eat fast food, drink neon colored energy drinks, take all my prescriptions with nary a question, but I really must do research before trying this tea tree oil stuff.


Can’t believe mom said you’re better behaved than me! Thanks essential oils.


Just need a few dabs of oil and I’ll be fine…


Currently under the influence of oils.


I noticed you applied your essential oils undiluted. I too like to live dangerously.


Reaction when my husband asks where this new oil came from.


What I actually do using essential oils vs what the world thinks…


I don’t know how to put this, but, these oils are kind of a big deal.


This is the face I make when someone says all essential oil companies are the same.


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