How To Use Black Pepper Essential Oil To Quit Smoking

Learn how to use black pepper essential oil to quit smoking and kick the habit the natural way!
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Smoking is addictive. There are many reasons why people are hooked to smoking, but one thing is certain: it does not do anything good to your health. Quitting is hard for these people, but many have successfully overcome it. For those who are still struggling, every day is a constant battle. The good news is that there is a natural way of helping yourself quit smoking.

Black pepper essential oil was found to have the properties needed to help people stay away from cigarettes. While it may not be able to completely take away the craving, a person who seriously struggling to combat smoking should give this natural alternative a try. Read on.

Black Pepper History

Black pepper is a popular spice used for cooking. It is native to the southern part of India, and is widely grown in Southeast Asia. Back in the ancient times, black pepper was the most traded spice in the world. It was once called the black gold because it was used as a form of currency during the ancient times in barter trade. For thousands of years, black pepper was used in traditional medicine and as a flavorful additive to various dishes.

Warming sensation

Studies have shown that black pepper oil can help overcome smoking habits. Many people have successfully quit cigarette smoking through inhaling this essential oil. When inhaled, it causes a warming sensation in the chest and throat, helping people curb the craving.

This oil is derived from pepper. It can be used as a massage oil, and in many herbal and beauty treatments. The oil is popular among athletes because of its energizing and warming properties.

Black pepper oil and smoking cessation

In 1994, researchers conducted a cigarette cessation study, where smokers were given a cigarette substitute that produces a vapor using black pepper oil. It was compared to a placebo, and cartridges that contain menthol. As a result, the black pepper oil cigarette substitute was able to “significantly reduce” the cravings as compared to the placebo and menthol. Later studies have seen the same effect.

The researchers think that the essential oil stimulated the respiratory tract in the same way as what actual smoking does. This effect helped smokers who used the cigarette substitute to reduce their smoking cravings.

Where to buy

Black pepper oil can be purchased in health food stores, as well as online. Companies such as Doterra, young Living Essential Oils and other direct sales companies also offer the product. It is important, however, to make sure that you are buying from a reliable seller. The terms “pure” or “natural” have not been standardized in the industry because of the lack of regulations. You have to be extra careful when buying black pepper essential oil because some may not be of good quality, and may even contain contaminants.

How To Use Black Pepper Essential Oil To Quit Smoking

When you feel the urge to smoke, get the oil and inhale it slowly like you would with a cigarette for about two minutes. Here are great ways to use it:

  • Use a portable inhaler to use the oil for aromatherapy
  • Inhale it directly from its bottle
  • Diffuse at home
  • Apply topically
  • Taken orally in small doses (make sure to consult your doctor)
  • Pour a drop on a tissue, and inhale

Combining with other essential oils

You can use black pepper oil alone or combine it with other essential oils for more benefits. For topical application, using this oil by itself can cause irritation. Make sure to dilute it with coconut, almond, or jojoba oil in a 1:1 proportion. It can also be mixed with angelica oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil, ylang ylang oil, or grapefruit oil to further help eliminate the symptoms or cravings.

Note: Pregnant and nursing women must get approval from their doctor before using this essential oil.