8 Amazing Benefits of Cardamom Oil For Breathing, Digestion & Mental Clarity!

Cardamom Essential Oils has a wide range of uses ranging from supporting healthy gastrointestinal function, assisting with clear breathing, aiding digestion and providing mental clarity.
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Extracted from the seeds of the cardamom plant, cardamom oil has a slightly spicy yet sweet aroma and is used by many for its incredible health benefits.  The cardamom plant is a kind of ginger and it’s found mostly in the regions of Asia.  There are two varieties of cardamom plants whose seeds are used for the oil.  The amomum cardamom is found in Nepal, China, and Sri Lanka, among others, while the Elettaria cardamom is mostly in India. Let’s take a look how to use Cardamom Essential oil for health!

What Cardamom Oil Can Do for You

1. Improves the digestive function

Cardamom oil works like a stimulant in the digestive organs.  It shields the stomach from most bacterial infections and enhances its health.  This oil also aids in regulating the adequate production of fluids in the digestive system such as bile and acid.

2. Warms the body


The heating properties of cardamom oil provide warmth for your body.  It encourages the body to remove waste through perspiration, and it can help alleviate headaches when used in massage.  Aside from that, it’s also great for unclogging a congested nose due to colds and in providing relief from a cough.

3. Has antibacterial properties

With cardamom oil’s ability to disinfect, it’s highly useful for fighting any bacteria in the skin and hair.  When a small amount is used, it can clear the skin of germs that cause various illnesses, including skin problems like acne and blackheads.

4. Cleanses the mouth

To eradicate bacteria in the mouth and eliminate bad breath, mix several drops of cardamom oil in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with this solution.  At the same time, it prevents cavities as it cleans the teeth and promotes the production of saliva.

5. Treats spasms

For spasms that occur in the muscles such as painful cramps, cardamom oil can be an excellent treatment method.  Not only that, even cramps in the respiratory organs which result to asthma attacks or certain types of cough can be soothed using this oil.

6. Helps ease breathing problems

In addition to treating spasms in the respiratory system, cardamom oil is beneficial for asthma sufferers since it relaxes and widens the bronchial tubes.  Air flows more easily into the lungs to help patients breathe more easily.

7. May help control blood pressure


Another benefit of cardamom oil is that it’s also able to aid in successfully regulating blood pressure.  In one study conducted in India, their results even showed lower blood pressure for patients who consumed cardamom powder every day.

8. Induces more regular urination

Because cardamom oil is also a diuretic, it encourages the body to release waste through urination.  This contributes to weight loss for those who wish to lose excess pounds from water weight, as well as detoxifies the body to ensure the smooth functions of the organs.

Instructions For Use:

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.
Internal use: Dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid.
Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with your favorite carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.


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