9 Ways Benzoin Essential Oil Helps You Live Healthier

Benzoin Essential Oil has many uses, including helping breathing, digestion and skincare but it is well-known as a great itchy skin reliever and for the treatment of minor cuts and scratches.
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Benzoin essential oil is derived from the gum resin of the benzoin tree. The resin is initially yellowish but takes on a brownish hue once it has thickened. Benzoin oil has a pleasant vanilla-like scent due to the presence of vanillin. Studies show that this essential oil has numerous therapeutic properties that give it a wide range of medical uses. Read on to know more about its health benefits.

Benefits of Benzoin Oil

Helps treat wounds

Minor cuts and wounds after often neglected because people find them unnecessary to treat. However, leaving minor wounds ignored will allow bacteria to enter the body and spread infections. Essential oils like benzoin oil can treat superficial cuts and wounds to kill germs, fungi, and bacteria before they start spreading out.

This oil contains chemical substances that have potent antiviral and antibacterial properties. Make sure, however, to dilute it with the appropriate carrier oil before applying directly to the affected area. It should not be used on deep cuts and wounds.

Relieves stress and anxiety

Benzoin oil is used for its ability to improve a person’s mood and relieve stress and anxiety. It can help you get a good night’s sleep, as well. Many people suffer from increased stress levels and find the cycle tough to break. Essential oils like benzoin are safe and serve as an effective and natural alternative to prescription drugs.

Enhances mood

The oil’s molecules can easily pass through the skin, and into the system. As mentioned earlier, benzoin oil can help boost a person’s mood. Its aroma helps make a person feel better, despite a tough day. It can be diffused and inhaled or massaged to the body. If you have been having a rough day, then this oil can help you end your day with a relaxed mind and body.

Healthy diuretic

This essential oil contains diuretic properties. It means that it can help increase the body’s urine production, and urination will become more frequent. Diuretics are used to help cleanse the body and remove the toxins found in the blood stream. Using benzoin oil can have a positive effect on blood circulation, and even help you lose weight due to water retention.

Relieves arthritic pain

Benzoin oil was found to be effective in relieving joint pains due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The body quickly absorbs the oil through the skin, so the pain is relieved only after a short while. Benzoin oil can be massaged directly on the joints, or be added into your bath water.

Treats digestive issues

People who are prone to digestive problems, like flatulence and cramping, then this essential oil might provide the solution. This oil has carminative properties, helping relieve inflammation and gas in the digestive system. It also helps relax the stomach muscles, and let excess gas to pass. If you have appetite problems, then this oil can be helpful, too.

Relieves congestion

Benzoin oil can be used to treat respiratory problems, particularly congestion. It has expectorant properties that can help ease breathing. In addition, this oil has sedative properties that can help you stay productive and have a good night’s sleep. You can diffuse it or add a few drops into a bowl of hot water for inhalation.

Deodorizes body or room

Essential oils, like benzoin, often have that pleasant aroma that can help a person relax and calm down. You can diffuse it to smell the vanilla-like scent that many people find uplifting. Not only can it help relieve stress and anxiety, it can also eliminate unwanted odor around your room. You can also massage it or add it into your bath water for that long-lasting deodorizing effect to your body. Many women from different cultures have used benzoin oil to smoke their hair to make it smell great.

Treats many skin problems

Benzoin oil, when diluted properly, can be effective in treat various skin conditions. Thanks to its astringent properties, this oil can stimulate the skin and muscles to keep you looking radiant and young-looking. You can use it to treat psoriasis of the scalp and the skin. Simply add a few drops to your mild shampoo, and use it as you normally would. For other skin problems, like burns and rashes, add a few drops into two teaspoons of coconut or almond oil before applying directly to the affected areas.

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