8 Wonderful Ways To Use Oregano Essential Oil

A widely used essential oil, Oregano Essential Oil is a wonderful antioxidant, known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, but that's not all - learn more!
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One of the most widely used herbs all over the world is oregano. It adds a wonderful flavor and fragrance to food, but it’s also excellent for medicinal use. The oregano plant originated in Europe but can now be found in many other locations. Its oil is extracted from the flowers and the leaves and is used mostly for aromatherapy and natural healing.

Here are the top ways oregano oil can benefit the body.

Oregano Essential Oil Benefits

1. Boosts the immune system

Research shows that oregano oil is useful for strengthening the immune system. It helps shield the body from possible infections and viruses due to its ability to encourage the production of white blood cells. It also helps in minimizing damage to our tissue and speeding up healing.

2. Enhances digestive function

Another advantage of taking oregano oil is that it facilitates healthy digestion. It promotes the production and smooth flow of bile and other juices in the digestive tract. This ensures that nutrients are properly absorbed from your food and keeps the digestive system working smoothly to prevent any blockage.

3. Soothes muscle pain

Muscle aches and soreness can be relieved by massaging oregano oil on the affected areas. This is because the oil lessens inflammation that causes pain. Be sure to combine the oregano oil with a carrier oil before rubbing on to your skin.

4. Powerful antibiotic

Aside from preventing infections, oregano oil is also an effective antibiotic. It can be used to naturally treat existing infections since it can kill various kinds of bacteria and germs that cause these infections both internally as well as on the skin’s surface.

5. Supports the respiratory system

One of oregano oil’s most potent uses is that it’s safe to use as an expectorant for those with cough and other respiratory conditions. It can relax phlegm in the sinus and respiratory tract to make it easier to discharge from the body and it reduces inflammation to lessen cough.

6. Improves mood

Oregano oil, like several other essential oils, also has a calming effect on the nervous system. Its scent provides therapeutic benefits to uplift mood and help you relax by releasing any tension in the mind and body.

7. Regulates the menstrual cycle

Many women experience cramps, nausea and muscle pain during their menstrual period and they may also have irregular menstrual periods. On top of that, mood shifts due to changes in hormones at this time is also possible. Using oregano oil, the menstrual cycle can be regulated to minimize uncomfortable menstrual symptoms.

8. Contains antioxidants

Antioxidants protect the body from damage to the cells and tissues due to free radicals. The harm caused by free radicals includes premature aging and deterioration of muscles. Taking oregano oil in carefully controlled doses will not only protect the body but also encourage healing.