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The Best Kept Secret to Beautiful Hair, Blemish Free Skin and Healthy Nails

argan oil ebook

Guide to the best uses of Argan oil for hair, skin and nails

From A-listers to famous hairstylists and makeup artists, everyone has words of praise for Argan oil. Eager to know why the whole world raves about this “liquid gold?”

This complete guide will help you discover the origins of the Argan tree, the tedious production process and, most important, how to stay away from Argan oil imitations.​

Discover how this exotic oil can transform you into a beauty queen (in case you are not one already). Ladies, meet your new friend with benefits, Argan Oil!

This is for you if...

  • you struggle with frizzy hair, split ends or hair that's damaged from too much styling
  • your skin is dry, you have eczema or other skin irritations
  • your nails are brittle, weak and dull
  • you'd like one product that helps with all of the above
  • you're looking for a simple natural solution to all of your beauty needs ;)

What You'll Learn

  • Know more about the oil’s amazing active ingredients that can heal specific problems, its cosmetic uses (yes, it really works miracles on skin, hair and nails!) and its healing properties (it treats even the most stubborn skin conditions).
  • How to use Argan oil in DIY mask recipes which will give your skin and hair an extra glow.
  • Which celebrities are addicted to Argan oil, and  learning a few beauty tricks from famous Hollywood beauty gurus.

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argan oil ebook

Here's a Peek at Some of the Chapters

skin benefits of argan oil

homemade recipes with argan oil
brenda rose

Well-written and simple enough to understand.

"I learned a lot about uses for Argan Oil from reading the Argan Oil eBook. It was well-written and simple enough to understand. I especially liked having actual recipes to follow other than just saying it can be used for this or that. I have already started using Argan Oil on my hair. Thank you for this very informative book."

Brenda Rose

I definitely recommend this book, it’s a great value!

"knew very little about Argan oil before reading this book! This books was filled with wonderful information and I now have so many ideas for how to start using argan oil in my daily life!

I definitely recommend this book, it’s a great value!"

Chantal Bernard
terri conner

I can't wait to try some of your recipes.

"Thanks you so much for allowing me to review your ebook about the benefits of using Argan oil. I really appreciated the facts of how to tell if it was pure. Of course I immediately went and checked my bottle and was relieved to see it was pure. I also wasn't aware of just how many ways there are to use it. I can't wait to try some of your recipes. A really nice easy read and very informative. I will be purchasing more Argan oil!"

Terry Conner
Kathy Schmidt

What an amazing and informative book!

"What an amazing and informative book. It was easy to read in easy to understand terms and the subject matter flowed smoothly and logically. I learned so much i didn't know before about Argan oil. This history of the process and how it has evolved was very thorough.

I now know to watch for real vs imitation and how to read labels to identify real argan oil from imitations. While all that was so interesting I also liked all the uses included for this "liquid gold" for hair and skin and nails."

Kathy Schmidt
Lisa Hauch

It can replace so many products from hair care to nail care!

"I found this book to be very informative on the use of Argan oil. The most beneficial aspects I found was it can replace so many products from hair care to nail care. Another attraction to this product is that is natural and chemical free.

Thank you for allowing me to review your book, I will add this to my collection of reference books. I'm trying to become chemical free both in what products I use for health care and within my household."

Lisa Hauch

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argan oil ebook